Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Shared His Simple Bulking Method

The actor doesn't count calories has never been shy about sharing his own experiences, insights

insights, and expertise with fans about how to eat and train to maintain a healthy physique at any age. During

"I call it turning the dial," he wrote. "I add just a little or cut out just a little, maybe cutting bread or adding bread

Schwarzenegger has stated previously that he tends to avoid counting calories, and he revealed that he often has "no clue"

what his caloric intake has been on an average day and just goes on how he feels and what the physical results

indicate, saying: "I really have never known anything and just turned the dial."

During the same Q&A, Schwarzenegger was asked about his approach to cutting back in his competitive bodybuilding days

"I wasn't cutting like the guys today. The three months before the contest, I was building up and adding weight while trying to stay lean

I was lighter in the off-season than in season, the opposite of modern bodybuilders."